Top down knit hat

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I like to make hats. It is a slight addiction of mine. I can not remember how many I have made. Most of them are crochet, but when I learned knitting I wanted to make knit hats too. The only problem is that I have a lack of funds for all the different needles needed to knit hats. The straight needle hats always have a weird seam or lots of sewing which is something I don’t do often. The circular needles and dpn’s that I have are both difference sizes, but I think I have found my solution.

The top down knit hat.


I used the technique found here to start.

This is a two color pattern. Worsted weight yarn on a size 8 circular needle.

Cast on 6 using the method above with MC


Increase all

(every other row will be a knit row)

*Increase, k 1* repeat to end

*Increase, k 2* repeat to end

*Increase, k 3* repeat to end

*Increase, k 4* repeat to end

*Increase, k 5* repeat to end

(Skip next knit row, go to next increase)

*Increase, k 2*

*Increase, k 3*

Knit 5 rows

K 2 rows with CC

K 4 rows with MC

K 3 rows with CC

K 4 rows with MC

K 4 rows with CC

K 1 row with MC

K 1 row with CC

K 1 row with MC

K 1 row with CC

K 1 row with MC

K 4 rows with CC

K 3 rows with MC

K 4 rows with CC

K 2 rows with MC

K 1 row  with CC

(now the next part is optional, if you desire you can cast off right now. I have done some other hats this way or you can continue with the next part to make ear flaps.)

Cast off 12, slip 12 on to stitch holder, cast off 12 (repeat once)

Pick up the stitches on the stitch older with CC.

Knit 12

*Ssk, knit to last two, knit last two together


Repeat the two rows until only 4 remain

knit, then cast off.

Repeat for other side.

I also crocheted the edge to make it more solid. (two rows of single crochet in the MC)


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