Has it really been that long?

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Wow, that is about all I can say. Time is flying past me that I can honestly say that it feels like I posted here last week. In reality though it has been two, possibly over if I schedule this one to come out later.

I must admit I thought that I would have more time for this during work but juggling my schedule has been incredibly difficult. It has been a test of my skills with handling change, and focusing on priority in my life. Honestly I wouldn’t give this up for the world even with the hassle it can create.

Something many people have a hard time understanding when they meet me is that I actually have a disability. One that is so severe that I was told at 16 I would never be able to work. It is hard for people to understand because it is not a physical disability.

I have spend many years working on overcoming my own handicaps. Many social things that come naturally to others is like trying to walk through quicksand for me. I have forced myself in social situations, slowly grown used to different situations, and pushed my limits to the point where I can now work a part time seasonal job. Throwing it in the face of every person who told me that I would never be able to work.

Many mothers love staying home with their children, and they might think down on me for choosing to go to work when I could stay home and do all that summer fun stuff that they do with their kids. But this has nothing to do, yet everything to do with being a good mother. I work for me, but I also work to prove to my daughter just because someone told you ┬áthat you would never be able to do something doesn’t mean that they are right.

Sure it may not be a full time job, it may not make a lot of money, but it is rewarding in so many other ways that many people will never realize.

This blog is not often that personal. I like to keep my privacy. The reason I am putting this out here is because I feel you have the right to know why this blog has slowed down. I am still working on craft projects, still doodling pattern ideas, and still taking lots of photos and drawing obsessively, but with work updating my blog has taken a back seat.

October things will most likely go back to normal because I like to keep myself busy, but until then updates will be sporadic.

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