Winter and a Dilemma.

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For me, I don’t know about all of you out there, we had an incredibly bad snow storm our first Sunday in November. It looks like winter is coming early in Maine. I have been busy making things, but everything is in a dreary gray light and I don’t want to take pictures of it in this terrible lighting.

I am also working on setting up my kitchen table to do video tutorials. I have set up a youtube channel and everything. While there is nothing on it yet you can go find it here. I mean nothing too. I am still setting it up and making it look nice. But If you follow it I promise soon there will be videos.

Now we have come to the Dilemma. The hat pattern I wrote uses a crochet technique that I have yet to do a tutorial for, so I am left with the question do I wait to post the pattern before I do the tutorial?  Or do I just post the pattern anyway? I am leaning more towards waiting because I want to do it as a video tutorial.

I finally have the pattern all written and readable. Which took some time because I have to remember that not everyone can follow the notes I write just for me. So I think waiting a little longer might be worth it so I can continue to edit the pattern, and set up the videos for all of you.

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