Keeping Busy

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I have been busy, right now I am in the process of editing the pattern for this little guy

Crochet owl

Right now this is the only photo I have of him, which is a little annoying. The thing is my daughter likes to take all the stuffed toys I make and say they are hers, but the bigger problem is that she does this before I can get good pictures of them, or pictures of them with other things so right now as I clean my living room I am on the hunt for this little guy while I finish sewing the eyes on his brother.

I know that I have just finished a 30 day challenge, but I am already thinking of the next one which will probably start in February. My photography skills have gotten really rusty, and I have been relying too much on my auto functions so I am thinking that the next challenge will be a photography challenge.

The only editing that I will do with them will be adjusting exposure and fixing things like red eye. I will do my best to not use filters. Right now I am just trying to find the perfect one. So many of them say to take a photo of the outfit you are wearing and I am really uncomfortable with that.

Just because I am waiting until February to do the challenge doesn’t mean that I haven’t already started practicing. Here are some shots from a low light (aka my worst nightmare).

Jo in Jimmys Hat
Every time I turn around she has something on her face. The child is to much like me.

Troll Jo in Jimmys Hat 2Jo decided to model with her daddy’s hat.

I have a few other things going on, a few new patterns in the process of being written and maybe a colab effort with my hubby for his blog. In his blog he wants to teach people how to cook, and the importance of food safety. During this he wants to teach me to cook and enjoy it so I might mention it once or twice on here. Cooking for me is difficult, annoying, and it never seems to come out right so we will see if he is able to reach his goal. You can find his blog here. It is called No Mommy Daddy Cooks, and he tells the fun story of why that is the name.

In a bit I will go over what I hope this years schedule will be, but right now I just wanted to do a quick update. I am really looking forward to this year.


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