Adventures in Cleaning Part 1

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I hate, hate, HATE cleaning. I have done so much to try and make it interesting. I have done charts, lists, rewards, but all of it doesn’t work with me. My general dislike of the cleaning experience prevails and I end up living in a messy house doing very little about it.

When it was just me it wasn’t a big deal, but now I have a family and dishes need to be washed, floors need to be vacuumed, and I being the one at home must do it. 3250757541_733e78f2d8_zKnowing that I must do things like what is pictured above does not make it any easier to do. In fact I am worse than a toddler and dig my heals in more to try to not do it.

Most people clean there homes for more than just themselves, it is also because they have people come over. Our family doesn’t really have that happen. I guess that we are just not that social, so I am even more hard pressed to try and clean.

Then something happened, something odd that has nothing to do with cleaning. My front tooth broke, and it made me realize I care more about appearances than I ever wanted to admit. Now I have a disaster area for a living space and I hate it, but I still really hate cleaning. So the challenge for me begins.


I want to post about how I work on fixing my complete aversion to cleaning, and I will try to update on it once a month. Today is the day I am starting, and I am going to start by trying the list one last time. I still don’t quite understand how checking things off this list is supposed to make me feel like I completed something but whatever.


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