Crochet Owl Pattern

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Today I have a new pattern for all of you. A cute little crochet owl.


I had a hard time getting these little guys to take the photo of them because my daughter claimed them as hers and as soon as they were finished she wanted play with them. Now they have a nice little home in the toy box.


Here is the pattern for you all to make them for whoever!


Crochet Owl Pattern

size E hook

worsted weight yarn 2 colors and some white for the eyes

embroidery floss or scrap yarn for beak and closed eyes

black buttons

tapestry needle

(Optional) Felt for either beak or for eyelids

magic circle and sc 6 in it
R 1: *inc* sl st to first ch 1
R 2:* sc 1 inc* sl st to first ch 1
R 3: *sc 2 inc* sl st to first ch 1
R 4: *sc 3 inc* sl st to first ch 1
R 5: *sc 4 inc* sl st to first ch 1
R 6 & 7: sc in all sl st to first ch 1
R 8-12 : sc 12 with MC then with CC sc 12 Then switch back to MC and sc 12
R 13: sc 13 with MC, with CC sc 10, mc 13
R 14: sc 14 with MC, with cc sc 8, mc 14
R 15. sc 15 mc, cc sc 6, mc 15
R 16-23: sc mc in all
Tie off and stuff. Leaving top open. Moving the color work to face you pinch the top closed(try and keep the patch of CC as center as possible) and attach CC in the right corner going through two stitches to close the top.
Sc 2 in join and sc to last 1 then sc 2
If you want to add more stuffing do with only half of the top closed.

MC make 2, in CC make 2
ch 6
sc in first ch from hook and to the end (5 sc) Ch 1 and turn
sc across all ch 1 and turn
inc in first sc to last inc in last ch 1 and turn
sc across all ch 1 and turn
dec sc 3 dc ch 1 and turn
sc across all ch 1 and turn
dc sc 1 dc
tie off
taking the two colors stitch them together, turn inside out if you want to hide the stitches, and then stitch on the side of owl body

Eyes Using white
Ch 2 and sc 6 in first ch from hook sl st to first
inc in all sl st to first
sc 1 and inc sl st to first.

sew buttons, or closed eyes on the white. Attach the white to the body of the owl.
Using orange between the eyes stitch on a nose. You could also use felt for this part.

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