A Meager Offering

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This is supposed to be a craft update, but like the genius I am I have not taken photos of anything that I have made in the past month. Honestly I am looking for my camera because I haven’t used it in over a month. I can however talk a bit about the things that I made and share with you all one more drawing from the 30 Day Drawing Challenge.

I will tell you about some of the things I made before I disappoint you all over again with my terrible drawing.

The tie I made last month turned out really good, while it did have some imperfections my hubby wants me to make him another one. We have half of the fabric for it, and are just waiting a bit until we buy the other half. Until I started really getting into sewing I never realized how expensive fabric is. That however is another topic for another time.

I received all the yarn to make someone a Christmas present (yes I know that I am starting it early, but I am not using a pattern so there will be a little trial and error so I don’t want to put it off to the last minute like I will with all the other ones.) and at the same time got some roving and comfy yarn from knitpicks. I love working with that yarn, and my husband loves to wear it as socks.With it I  made him a new pair of socks and they are bright green and orange. I let him pick the colors he wants and he always picks bright colors. I finished them near the beginning of last month while we were all snowed in and was desperately trying to avoid cabin fever.

With the roving I made yarn, but that once again is another post for another day when I go into my new love affair with a new hobby, because I don’t have enough hobbies as it is.

I also made 3 pairs of mittens which was fun. My aunt wanted me to make them for some of her younger nieces and a nephew so when she asked for them I got right to work and finished them in a week! Not bad considering I haven’t made mittens before. I have made gloves in the past so these mittens were a cakewalk in comparison. I probably should have tried making mittens first, but I really wanted that pair of gloves because the pattern was so pretty.

Now it is time to post that terrible picture I drew. Before I post it I should clarify that today challenge was to draw your favorite pet or animal and I have never been one for drawing animals. I have just started trying to learn but honestly if I wasn’t doing this challenge I would never show this drawing to anyone.

Bad KittySo this is where I leave you, and I will be back on Wednesday with more art that is hopefully better than this.


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