Slow But Hopeful Start

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Most of my yarn and all my craft stuff is still packed away, or stuffed in a closet that I can’t get to at the moment so I have been making the only thing I had the yarn for…


DishClothsWhen I make dish cloths I like to try patterns I have never really done, and reinforce patterns I know really well to make sure that I won’t forget them when I am old and dementia strikes.

The biggest one was my first ever mitered square, and the smallest one is practicing the linen stitch. I really enjoyed the linen stitch and I am trying to figure out some patterns to use it in.

That is the second thing I want to address, patterns. For a little while, at least, they will be in a shorter supply. I want to work on making good video tutorials so I am checking out some editing software, getting the kitchen set up to film, and all the other fun stuff that goes with editing video. I also wanted to start a new thing. and I am hoping to start it near the end of this month. I want to start reviewing yarn and other knitting and crochet related items.

The first one will be from a mystery pack that I bought over at Darn Good Yarn. You can click here if you want to go buy one for yourself.


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