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I have been doing quite a bit lately, some of it has to do with the blog and some of it not, but I want to share with you some of the things that I have been working on.

Because it is the middle of the summer and the weather is reaching the high 80’s I am making winter hats and mittens, of course.



This is just a bit of a stash buster, because I have been accused that I buy too much yarn and that I need to use what I have before I just buy more with no project in mind. In an effort to use up the yarn I also have some fingerless  gloves that I am making to go along with this, but right now they are on my needles.

This hat is very similar to my knit top down hat over here. I have been asked why I knit hats this way and I can’t really explain it, I just prefer to start at the top when I am not following a pattern.

 Another hobby that I have picked up once again from my childhood is needle point



I found this with everything included in the clearance section at Hobby Lobby. You know those things that you have been thinking about doing but hesitated because of cost, for me picking this back up was that thing.
I forgot how much fun this is. Some people find it frustrating but I have been doing it to relax.

The last hobby I have picked  up has no photo, at least not yet, but it is something that I have wanted to do for a long time. My brother-in-law bought a ukulele and was learning other instruments so he had it sitting around. I have had a desire to learn an instrument for quite a while. The last few times I have tried to learn one was high school, or I just picked one up with my daughter was only one, and the last time I tried it I decided to learn the drums and it drove my husband crazy.

So anyway I borrowed it and now and working on learning to play. It is pretty quick to pick up, but it will take a while to really be good at it. Easy enough to keep me from getting frustrated, but difficult enough to challenge me. It is just what I was looking for in an instrument.

I do plan on buying my own very soon and that is the one that I will take pictures of.

This last bit is about the future of the blog, or a future blog post. I will just give you a bit of a teaser image.



This yarn is so fun, and I am going to use it to try my first yarn review! I am in the process of working with it to really get a feel so it might be a little while before I do this post.


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