Darn Good Yarn Review

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For a long time now I have wanted to do my own yarn review and now I can finally do it.

I ordered a grab bag of yarn from Darn Good Yarn. All of them were slightly different, yet really fun colors!DSC00164


Winding the hanks into balls was a little difficult for me, but it is not something that I am very good at anyway.

See that big knot!

So now lets get down to the attributes of the yarn. This is a worsted weight yarn that is hand wash or dry clean only.  It is smooth and soft, and one felt a little furry.

Being worsted weight I tried using my H crochet hook, but honestly a J was more suited because this is hand spun so it has some really bulky parts. I used the fuzzy yarn to do the crochet test, so that could also be a factor. It is important to play with gauge with this type of yarn

For knitting I used a size 8 and it worked great.

For both knitting and crochet this is fun yarn to work with but does tend to knot up on itself so be careful and go a little slower than you normally would.

The packaging was really nice, it came wrapped in that purple  tissue paper you can see in the picture and a letter thanking me for buying for them and more information about the company. I really like this company, they seem to be very environmentally continuous and care about creating incomes for women while avoiding child labor.

This is the second batch of yarn I have bought from them, the first was their lace weight silk, and I look forward to buying from this company again to play more with this yarn and all the others that they offer.

To go check them out yourself click here!

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