Money Matters

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Money, its a bitch. No one not even the richest of the rich seems to have enough of it.

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My whole life money struggles have seemed never-ending. My parents had them, I have them, and it seems to be something that my daughter will experience as well. It is like trying to climb out of a pit to get by, and no matter how much you try you dig that pit deeper.

I am not looking for sympathy, many people have these problems. What I am looking for is empathy. I don’t want your pity; I want you to relate. We all have our money problems; everyone’s is different. Because everyone’s money problems are different means that all these websites that promise you ways you too can become rich, or have amazing savings don’t always work.

Trying to find help when it comes to money, and your problems don’t stem from things like buying a Starbucks coffee every day, feels patronizing at best and hurtful at worst.

We live in a world that seems to be losing empathy. The ability to feel for someone else’s plight. We logic things away, so we don’t have to deal with them. Atrocities that happen in other countries, “They don’t affect me,” The homeless man on the street, “He’s just a drunk anyway,” People struggling to get by, “They should just work harder.” We are All guilty of thoughts like these. No one is a saint. But it seems like lately, at least to me, we have stopped caring and started blaming.

It is easy to blame because we don’t have to think about it in relation to ourselves. What other people’s problems mean to us, mean to our community, mean to our world as a whole. We are all just trying to get by, keeping our heads down and not getting involved.

But humans are social creatures, what happens to your neighbor does affect you. It might be indirectly, but it does. You can’t live your life with your eyes closed to other peoples plight because if you do what happens when you fall into the pit. We are a community. We are not our race, our politics, our wealth levels, or any other of the arbitrary things we use to define us from them. We are all human. Flawed, imperfect humans.

We need to listen to one another and care for one another. It is so easy to forget, that good times, like bad times, are temporary. That one day you might need someone to help you, just as much as someone right now needs you to help them.

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