Breaking Free

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How many people feel like they are trapped in a cage, that something is holding you back from your true potential?

Photo by Stephen Ott- Flickr

I often feel trapped. By my mind, by my body, by my circumstances, that I have no escape. Every decision I make is permanent, setting me down a path and I will never be able to go backward. A cage of my own making.

Most days it is easy to accept this because after all, it was my decisions that lead me here. But is it so easy to pine for what never was, too long for paths untaken. It is times like this is when I need to stop and reassess where I am.

I love my life, despite its flaws. When I find myself dwelling on things that can never be I have to remind myself of that.

I often feel so flawed, so out of place. Disjointed with the world. It can be hard to align myself again. I need to ground myself. So today I will be going outside, walking, experiencing the world around me. Nature is a powerful thing. It can help bring you back to reality, and find yourself when you are feeling lost. I have been feeling lost.

Just going outside and spending some time in it can help you break free of the cage you feel you are in. Learn to love your life again. It helps me realize that in the grand scheme of things I am so small, but I do have a place in the world. I am here, and I fit in somewhere.

I know all of this sounds cheesy, and when you are feeling so out of place, that advice like this seems patronizing. You feel like you can never leave the feelings you have behind. They are a dark cloud that follows you everywhere you go. But there are times when the clouds break, and you can find yourself again. Hold on to those times. They will be your light in the darkness.

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